Features of the course  

Japanese language short-term study-abroad experience


   Lessons are conducted in small groups or man-to-man lessons are also available.

   After completion of a placement test, lessons are tailored to suit each student’s level.

   Visit renown tourist destinations such as Nara, Kyoto and Osaka with classmates and experience Japanese culture on weekends.

   Lessons are conducted for 4 hours a day, in general. Those who wish to study multiple languages can join additional lessons free of tuition fees. (eg. English and/or Chinese group lessons. Costs will be incurred for of any teaching materials used in the lessons however )

   Meals are provided, mainly Japanese cuisine,  in a homey atmosphere.

   Live in a comfortable home with modern living facilities (shower, washing machine, internet access, newspapers, TV etc.)

   The school is located in Kyoto, which is regarded as the home of Japanese culture and an ideal place to experience best culture Japan has to offer.

   Staff who can speak Korean, Chinese and English will support students’ learning and living arragements.


Suitability for admission

   Any person who will not incur hindrances or restrictions in entering Japan. (stay in Japan up to 3 months on a tourist visa.)

   Any person who may potentially wish to enroll in high school, university or graduate university located in Japan in the future.

   Any person who wishes to learn Japanese culture, history and language.

   Any person interested in communicating with Japanese nationals or wish to communicate with Japanese nationals but feel they lack the skills to do so.


Support for life in Japan

   Administration such as organizing a Japanese cellphone or insurance etc.is provided for free.

   Purchasing of the most cost-effective airline tickets on behalf of students.

   Arranging departure from the country with a group/ orientation.

   Provision of care of ex-students after returning their county.

   Accommodation and other expenses for living are free of charge.

   Transport between the school and airport is available upon request.


Registration and tuition fees

    Non-refundable registration fee 10,000 yen

    Tuition fees will be refunded with the exception of the registration fee for cancelations before departure.

    Refunds of up to 70 percent for shortening the period of stay and lesson hours.

    Studying tuition

2-week course:    4 hours a day / 4 students in a class, 100,000 yen

1-month course:   4 hours a day / 4 students in a class, 200,000 yen

3-month course:   4 hours a day / 4 students in a class,  600,000 yen

*3 meals per day, cleaning service, internet access and other living expenses are included.



   Five days a week from Monday to Friday.

   Classes and teachers will be decided after completion of the placement test.

   Teaching materials will be provided by the school. Please prepare your personal stationery items.

   Please follow the school time schedule. Tuition for less than two weeks will not be refunded.